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PLC Workshops

Play Like a Champion (PLC) Workshops

We have 1 remaining PLC Coaches workshop.  It will be offered on Sunday, September 10 from 8-11am in the lower lounge at St. Monica.

Play Like a Champion (PLC) Workshops are required of all coaches in the Dallas Parochial League.  All coaches (head and assistant) for all sports must attend a PLC workshop if they wish to be on the sidelines during a DPL event.

Please call the DPL Office (972-404-0375) or email the Athletic Director (dplsport@sbcglobal.net to learn more or to reserve a spot.

The Play Like A Champion Today™ Sports as Ministry (PLC) initiative supports Catholic leagues and dioceses in promoting: athletics as ministry to youth and families, building teams as Christian communities, character development, spiritual growth, intrinsic motivation and responsible decision-making

Attendance at a PLC workshop is required just once during your time as a volunteer coach in the DPL. However, any coach who is suspended for unsportsmanlike behavior will be required to attend another PLC workshop as soon as possible after the suspension, before you would be eligible to coach another sport. (Coaches required to attend a second workshop will be assessed a $15 fee, to be paid by the coach, not the school.)

Please allow time for parking, registration, etc., at PLC Workshops so that you are in attendance at the beginning of the workshop.  Admittance to the workshop will not be allowed if arriving more than 15 minutes after the scheduled start time.

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