Dallas Parochial League

Information regarding our final 2 Play Like a Champion coaching workshops has been posted.     Baseball, softball, soccer and futsal schedules will be posted soon.     Please visit our Smug Mug link to view pictures taken at DPL events.
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 Play-off information for all divisions is listed below.  The 1st round and quarter-finals will be played Tuesday, February 27-Friday, March 2.  All semi-final games will be played on Saturday/Sunday, March 3-4.  Championship games will be Monday-Thursday, March 5-8.
Seeding for play-offs will be based off of the regular season win-loss record.  Non-conference games do not count toward play-off seeding.  A coin flip will break ties if regular season records are the same.
Play-off info regarding number of teams that will advance to the play-offs.....
5G - Top 6 teams from each conference
5B - Top 5 teams from each conference
6GD1 - All 5 teams
6BD1 - All 6 teams
6GD2 - Top 5 teams from each conference
6BD2 - Top 5 teams from each conference
VGD3 - Top 8
VBD3 - Top 5 teams from each conference
7GD1 - All 8 teams
7BD1 - All 7 teams
7GD2 - Top 8 teams
7BD2 - Top 5 teams from each conference
8GD1 - All 6 teams
8BD1 - Top 8 teams
8GD2 - All 5 teams
8BD2 - Top 4 teams from each conference