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Below is the "official" volleyball line-up card that MUST be used for all DPL matches.  Please print and make enough copies to last the season.  Also included are examples of how players should be line-up to start a set (game) when you are receiving or serving.
Play-off seedings will be determined by conference win-loss record.  The winning percentage could also be used if teams do not get their full schedule of games played.  Head-to-head will be used as the tie-breaker and then a coin flip if teams are still tied.
For play-offs, the following number of teams will advance....
     5G         top 7 in each division
     6D1        all 6 teams
     6D2        top 6 in each division
     7D1        all 8 teams
     7D2        top 4 in each division
     8D1        all 7 teams
     8D2        top 4 in each division
     Coed      top 4 in each division
     VD3        top 8 teams