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Below is the official volleyball line-up card that is to be used for all DPL matches.  Please print and make enough copies to last the season.  Also included are examples of how players should be line-up to start a set (game) when you are receiving or serving in a continuous rotation match. 

Play-off seedings will be determined by conference win-loss record.  The winning percentage could also be used if teams do not get their full schedule of games played.  Head-to-head will be used as the tie-breaker and then a coin flip if teams are still tied.

The 2022 volleyball regular season will start on Saturday, September 17th and will end on Saturday, October 29th. Playoffs will be held November 3rd through November 11th.

The Championship matches will be held on Saturday, November 12th.



2022 DPL Volleyball Rule Book

Line Up Card (Official)

Continuous Rotation - Serving Example

Continuous Rotation - Receiving Example